Bishie Paradise

A Bishie Claiming Community

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You've arrived at bishie_paradise, yet another bishie claiming community! I know that there a few of these out there, but hey, you can never have enough, right? This gives more people a chance to claim the character they want. ^^


1. You may make four claims total.

2. Check the claims list before you make a claim.

3. Claim from anime, manga or video games. If a character appears in more than one of those, please don't claim him/her in all of them. That wouldn't be fair to the other members.

4. Specify which version you will be claiming. I'm not all-knowing, so you'll have to tell me which category to file your claims under. If you don't say, then they will not be added until you do.

5. You must remain a member of the community to keep your claims. If you leave or your journal is deleted, you will lose them. However, if you have a new journal, make another post to the community telling me what you had claimed and I'll switch them over.

6. You are allowed to unclaim, but please don't do so all the time.

7. No complaining or flaming of other members if they got the character you wanted. It's first come, first serve.

8. After you've claimed and been approved, please link back to the community in your userinfo.
Ex: "I claimed Uchiha Sasuke @ bishie_paradise"

9. Put "Give me paradise!" in your subject line to show you've read the rules. ;3 If you don't, your claims will not be added.


anime_weddings // Marry a character.
otp_claims // Claim pairings from anime, manga & games.
series_claims // Claim anime, manga and other series.
i_wanna_claim // Claim from anime, manga & games.
jmusic_claims // Claim Japanese songs and singers.

If you'd like to affiliate, comment here.